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Celebrating the Launch of "Implement With IMPACT

We are thrilled to announce the publication of "Implement With IMPACT: A Strategic Framework for Leading School and District Initiatives" by Solution Tree Press, a milestone achievement that marks a significant contribution to the field of education. This book is more than just a guide; it's a transformational tool that addresses the persistent challenge of implementing educational initiatives effectively and sustainably.

Why This Book Matters

Education is notoriously riddled with initiatives that start with enthusiasm but falter before they can make a meaningful impact. "Implement With IMPACT" dives deep into the reasons behind these failures and, more importantly, provides a clear, actionable framework for success. The book is founded on the principle that thoughtful, well-structured implementation can profoundly change educational outcomes and enhance the learning experience for all students.

What Leaders Are Saying

Esteemed educational leaders have endorsed the transformative potential of this book. Fred Bartels, for example, praises the book for providing a roadmap that has led to "incredible results" in his district. Brooke O'Neill highlights the book's practical approach to demystifying the complexities of implementation science, making it accessible and actionable.

Michael Fullan, renowned professor emeritus at the University of Toronto, appreciates the book's focus on 'specificity without imposition,' underscoring the balance the framework offers between clear, actionable guidance and adaptability to local contexts. He notes, "An ‘I’ (implement) for an ‘I’ (impact) says it all. Pizzuto and Carney provide a powerful framework with six framing factors and four action requirements to guide system success. It’s a book you can use right away to get success in your own district, full of great ideas for building ownership on the back of early and continuous impact!"

Anthony Muhammad, a celebrated author and education expert, points out the book's timely resource against the backdrop of frequent, ineffective change implementations in education. He remarks on the frustration educators feel due to the constant "pendulum swing from one failed initiative to another," praising the book for not only providing insights into effective change management but also offering a framework that leaders can use to implement change effectively at scale.

What You Can Expect to Gain

Readers of "Implement With IMPACT" will find themselves equipped with the knowledge to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The book includes:

  • Templates, tools, and protocols to guide the implementation process.

  • Evidence-based insights combined with practical experience from the authors’ extensive work in schools and districts worldwide.

  • Strategies for overcoming common obstacles in implementation, ensuring that educational leaders can lead change effectively.

A Tool for Real Change

The endorsements from leaders across the education sector underscore the book's relevance and necessity. It's packed with strategies that foster genuine, lasting change.

Join the Movement

By adopting the IMPACT framework, educational leaders will not only improve their own schools but also contribute to a broader movement towards better implementation practices in education. This book isn't just for reading—it's for action, inspiring educational communities to strive for excellence and efficacy in all their initiatives.

We invite educators, administrators, and all stakeholders in education to embrace this book as a cornerstone for developing a culture of successful implementation in their schools. Let "Implement With IMPACT" guide you in transforming educational practices to achieve the best outcomes for all students.


With "Implement With IMPACT," Jenice Pizzuto and Steven Carney provide a crucial resource that promises to elevate the standards of educational initiatives. As we celebrate this publication, we look forward to seeing its principles in action, leading to impactful, lasting change across educational landscapes. Join us in this pivotal movement, and together, let's close the implementation gap.

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