Giving a Presentation
Giving a Presentation


The IMPACT Implementation Framework is designed to guide the capacity building of implementation teams to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of evidence-based improvement initiatives and interventions.  When instructional leaders and their implementation teams collaboratively build a culture around the IMPACT Framework components, students and adults learn.

Implementation for IMPACT requires ...


Schools gather and analyze data to identify the problem they want to solve and outcomes they would like to achieve.  Schools then identify Implementation team members to identify evidence-based innovation(s) and the associated change behaviors, practices, and policies needed to impact the problem they are attempting to solve. They use this information to identify the type, scale, and scope of change needed to obtain intended outcomes.  Implementation teams explore the feasibility of the innovations and begin the development of an implementation plan that leads to ongoing job-embedded support & implementation monitoring.

Meaningful Leadership

Implementation team members plan and develop organizational leadership expertise and systems designed to facilitate change during all stages of implementation; ensuring all stakeholders routinely engage in ongoing learning and improvement processes.

Professional Learning

Implementation team members design and plan professional learning structures that ensure implementers engage in iterative processes focused on building capacity and scaling the innovation implementation.

Assess & Adjust

Implementation team members design monitoring plans that measure the innovation implementation. They develop structures and processes that allow teams to use an improvement cycle to guide real-time planning and decision making.

Collective Efficacy

Implementation team members set the conditions that foster and support the development of collective efficacy throughout the organization.


Implementation team members build, lead, and facilitate vertical and horizontal teams that collaboratively monitor, support,  and adjust innovation and implementation efforts.

Implementation happens in stages ...

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