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Teresa Schantin

Teresa Schantin, M.Ed, is a Research Assistant with the Center on Teaching and Learning at the University of Oregon and consultant. By design, Teresa is drawn to educational leadership, systems of support and the use of data to make sound decisions. By happen stance, she has been in the right place at the right time throughout her career. Time and time again, she has been surrounded by world class experts as well as exemplary team members who have come together to model facilitative leadership and effective practices which has proven to be invaluable and has shaped her as an educator. With nearly 30 years in the industry as a teacher, administrator and instructional leader, she brings efficiencies, collaborative practices, effective communication skills and an ongoing commitment to learning in the pursuit of excellence.

Implementation Science is at the heart of everything Teresa does as an educator. She recognizes the power and predictability of outcomes when engaging in the essential components and this framework has become, “the way she does business.” Teresa has decades of experience with K-12 schools developing infrastructures to foster strong implementation and sustainability fortified with an articulated shared vision, a continuum of instructional supports, meaningful data collection and decision rules, master schedules that promote equity and an intentional plan to support ongoing coaching and training.

Teresa has worked effectively at the international, state, district and school levels offering collaboration, presentations, technical assistance and coaching support. She prides herself in being able to adapt support to meet the specific needs of her clients by always starting from what is already successfully in place and leveraging those strengths.

Teresa Schantin

Implementation Specialist, Consultant
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