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Jonathan Sharples

Professorial Research Fellow, Education Endowment Foundation

Jonathan Sharples

Jonathan joined the EEF in September 2013, seconded from the Institute for Effective Education, University of York, on a research placement co-funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Jonathan works with schools and policy makers across the education sector to promote evidence-based practice, and spread knowledge of ‘what works’ in teaching and learning. He has previously worked at the Institute for the Future of the Mind at Oxford University, and has worked as a secondary school science teacher in Sydney. He is the author of Evidence for the Frontline, a report published by the Alliance for Useful Evidence that outlines the elements of a functioning evidence system.


Putting Evidence to Work – A School’s Guide to Implementation

In 2018, the UK’s Education Endowment Foundation published "Putting Evidence to Work – A School’s Guide to Implementation" as a guide to help schools implement evidence-based approaches in line with their vision for school improvement. This seminar provides an opportunity to hear from the lead author of the report, Professor Jonathan Sharples, and learn how to translate strong ideas into powerful practices.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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2:00 PM

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