Jenice Pizzuto

Co-Founder and Co-Director, IMPACT Learning and Leading Group

Jenice Pizzuto , M.A. Educational Leadership, is co-founder of the IMPACT Learning and Leadership Group. She is a highly experienced implementation specialist, consultant, facilitator, and coach. Her expertise is supporting large and small organizations to implement innovations effectively. Jenice spent a large part of her career working with United States federally funded grants to support implementers to improve outcomes for underserved populations of students.

Jenice has a passion for contributing to the world of implementation through education, the involvement of implementers, and simplifying the science for others. She is dedicated to impacting the "implementation gap" by helping organizations move from hoping it happens to making it happen and ending the implementation gap.

She is a founding member of the Global Implementation Society (GIS), Co-Chair for the GIS Webinar Committee, and serves on the Global Implementation Society's Professional Learning and Resources Committee. She worked with Learning Forward as a Learning School's Alliance Facilitator, supporting schools nationally and internationally to implement effective professional learning systems and worked with Oregon Response to Instruction and Intervention scaling in school districts across the state of Oregon. Jenice was the founding president and past vice president of Oregon Learning Forward, and that work propelled her to focus on empowering others through high-quality adult learning.


Implementation is Relational: Effective Change Involves People Doing the Work

"Relationships are all there is." Margaret Wheatley. Join us as we explore how relationships are at the heart of promoting effective implementation in schools. Learn how the role of relationships is core to implementation design and support. This session will cover key IMPACT components that bring implementation science and implementation practice closer together.

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Implementation Work Never Stops

"Implementation work never stops, it simply become less visible." ( Carl May, 2021) Implementation is messy, adaptive, and emergent. Implementation is a process not an event. In this presentation we will explore implementation processes that lead to coherence, participation, collective action, and ongoing improvement.

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Implementation World Cafe: Getting Things Done with Conversations That Matter

In an era full of complexity we need to learn in new ways. During this session, participants will actively participate in a virtual World Cafe. The World Cafe is a simple process designed to bring participants around questions that matter. We will engage in a facilitated process to enhance knowledge sharing and tap into collective implementation intelligence. Participants will experience an opportunity to dig deeper and think bigger as they expand their implementation literacy. Participants will leave inspired and excited about ways to close the implementation gap back at their sites.

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The Ultimate Not-To-Be Missed Wrap Up

This is not your Grandmother’s final closing session. Taking a cue from GenX and Millennials digital, horizontal peer-to-peer learning preferences, we’ve designed an unsession, with untraditional, unconventional elements and under-utilized experts: YOU. Bring your open mind to this session and be prepared to do some learning in this unconference-styled session. We have a number of surprises in store for you! Come prepared to interact, ask steven and Jenice questions and leave feeling inspired!

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The K12 Global Implementation Summit is an event you will not want to miss!

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