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Embodying Equity When Implementing TK-12 Change Initiatives


This interactive session will walk participants through equity considerations across implementation pathways. We will provide practical guidance on how to effectively incorporate equity theories, models, and frameworks while you are implementing. Our goal is for participants to leave with important considerations to help you develop a deeper understanding of how to embed equity in your implementation work without treating it as an add-on.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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6:00 PM

*Times displayed in local time zone.


Julia E. Moore, Ph.D.

Executive Director

The Center for Implementation

The Center for Implementation
Sobia Khan, Ph.D.

Director of Implementation

The Center for Implementation

The Center for Implementation
  • Understand the importance and difference between actions, relationships, systems and structures, and mental models in relation to equity

  • Describe equity questions and considerations at different points along the implementation pathways

  • Analyze and reflect on equity considerations in your own work

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