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Cart Before the Horse? Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan or Implementation Plan – What Comes First?


Do your experiences, context or research knowledge lead you to plan for professional learning or implementation first? How does implementation thinking support professional learning (PL) design and practice? Why is context so important in connecting the dots between both PL and Implementation? Come share and learn how supports for professional practice were designed with an implementation lens and delivered through a comprehensive professional learning plan and measured to ensure our efforts resulted in impact.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

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10:15 PM

*Times displayed in local time zone.


Val Olekshy

Education Consultant


As a result of attending this session you will have the opportunity to be engaged in the following components:

  • Assumptions (Why) Tomatoes or tomato? What term do you use – PD or PL? What term should you use as a leader?

  • Theories of PL (Why) Always put the cart before the horse. Characteristics  of the research and Practice-Based experiences.  How does implementation thinking support PL practices? Why is context important?

  • Structures (What and How) - Connecting the Dots. Developing coherence and measuring impact amongst actions and strategies- How can we design measures that are cost effective and time efficient and assure our public (funders, stakeholders and members) that efforts (actions and strategies) are leading to impact and change in practice?

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