Karen Anderson

“Steven knows how to get results AND keep people engaged and committed to the work at the same time! With his coaching finesse, he is able to say what needs to be said while adding value to the relationship so that outcomes are advanced.”

Founding Member, Coaching School Results

Susan Phebus

"Steve is knowledgeable, personable, and a great coach for collaboration. The workshops that our team attended to gain the skills of collaboration and PLC work were invaluable. We created our own Collaborative Instructional Team and taught our entire school the skills of collaboration based on what Steve taught us. Alder Creek Middle School is steeped in PLC work thanks to Steve Carney...thanks again Steve."


Paul Erlebach

"The expertise of the coaches is outstanding. Jenice and her colleagues have the best interest of students as their goal."



Every session was great and certainly worthy of my time. I missed a week of student contact, but was singing the praises of the presentations to my admin team and really thinking about change for the future. Great job Steven and Jenice with organizing and bringing in such great speakers. How did they all manage to be so knowledgeable about something so new? Great thinking is great thinking (Adaption from great instruction is great instruction: Anita Archer)

Kim Ojile

Thank you! I am in awe. This was one of the most thought provoking three days of this past year’s work. I mean that sincerely. This professional growth opportunity was well prepared and efficiently facilitated. I plan to review presentations and catch the ones I missed.

A. Clifton Miles

"It was Steve's coordination and support that helped our schools acquire the learning at the highest level. I highly recommend Steve because of his competence, compassion, and ethics as an educator are exemplary. In providing a broad spectrum of educational assessment and professional learning, he has more than proven his ability to lead and visualize complex educational processes, but he is humble enough to be sincerely interested in the base line of student achievement."


Tim Larkin

"Thank you for your contributions to a great school and being a professional supporting professionals. No one ship can sail the ocean alone, it takes ships sailing and working together to make a safe journey in rough waters. "



All the sessions I watched were excellent. I felt so proud to be in the profession and to see so many talented people sharing their knowledge and knowing that so many teachers were interested in being their best in a difficult time.

Samantha Ford

It was amazing to see people from all over the world engaged in positive conversation about improving the educational system. I am so thankful to have able to be a part of such great conversation, and at no cost!


The content was amazing. I just wish we as a school could have seen more sessions. I Managed 5 I think - wanted more...I wish also we could afford to hire you to coach our Board and our school. We have many strengths - just returning to school looks daunting. These sessions gave some good strategies for leading the charge and adapting to new circumstances.

Evelyn Franz

"Steven is a true gift to the education profession. He is a caring and dynamic administrator, facilitator, and leader. Those who hire Steven will find their team transformed!"


Marilyn Underwood

"Perhaps the strongest quality and competence that Steve brings to an organization is his leadership. The scope and breadth of his educational leadership experiences have provided him with a wealth of first-hand knowledge to draw on and to share with other leaders. These experiences not only provide some broad background knowledge, but they also define and solidify Steve’s credibility with the educators and leaders he is training and coaching.”

Supervisor, School Development and Evaluation


Best PD in my 18 years of teaching!

Kevin Freeman

Maybe it was the situation and the brain's affinity for "new," but I just loved the format. Most of the presenters did a really good job of presenting in a virtual environment

Doug Gibson

The name of your group IMPACT Learning and Leading Group was indeed highly IMPACTful! I couldn't keep up in taking notes, so I decided to watch each of them again so I could rewind if necessary. Thank you for offering three days of PD that were truly engaging, inspiring and refreshing as we continue our 'return to learn' plans in the coming weeks. For me, I enjoyed the variety of topics covered in each session and the overall lineup each day of the summit. The recap of the day events were also quite informative and enjoyable.

Terry Augusdt

"Jenice was instrumental in getting us going in the right direction and my staff has worked really hard, my only role was to apply the "gentle relentless pressure" to ensure we hit the mark. We are happy but not satisfied yet, so Hawthorne will continue on this path. Thank you for helping us set the ship right and teaching us about the best practices. "


Pia Leonard

"Thanks to you for your commitment to our district and your exceptional abilities to engage folks in the work. You have provided outstanding leadership and mentorship throughout the project. "

Assistant Superintendent

Nina Petrovich

Every session seemed to valuable that I felt very disappointed to not be able to watch every one I signed up for. I am teaching online, so I couldn't attend as many as I liked. And since I had to keep teaching I only now have time to watch the sessions and they're gone! So one suggestion would be spreading them out or scheduling it after school is out. I'm so grateful for the thought leaders contributions and the rich content. I want to be able to share what I learned with colleagues who didn't get to watch because they were teaching more. We are all so stressed.

Nick Dressel

Thank you for bringing all of these thought leaders together. It absolutely blew my mind (in a good way) that this was offered free of charge. I think that this highlights how invested all of the presenters are in improving public education!

Dr. Martinez

The summit was--by far--the best PD I have attended in five years. Truly! What made it relevant was the versatility of the topics and presenters, the "down to earth" approach of the presentations (size-bit and manageable information/suggestions) and the collective grace we are extending to one another. Indeed, a great--and free--learning experience moving us to action--not just information gathering! Thank you! Thank you!

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