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Our team at IMPACT Learning and Leading Group wants to thank you for participating in the inaugural Pre-K12 Global Implementation Summit. 

Our summit objective is to illuminate strategic implementation as a means to maximize the impact of evidence-based practices.   Our organization's vision is to eliminate the implementation gap that so often gets in the way of realizing the promises of evidence-based practices.   Thank you for your contribution in bringing attention to the professional practice and student learning impact of effective implementation.

Please complete the following presenter/presentation information gathering form.  We will use this information to promote the summit and to develop promotional materials for you to use among your own social and professional networks.

We recommend you prepare a draft of your responses to the questions in the information gathering form and save them as a Word or Google Doc file. When you are ready, cut and paste your responses into the final proposal form. Please note that ASCII symbols (i.e. trademark, copyright, superscript, etc.) may not appear in the form as they do in Word or Google Docs.


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Summit Area Focus
Which evidence type best describes the impact of this work? Choose 1 and explain.
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I give permission to IMPACT Learning and Leading Group to record my presentation and sell those recordings with no royalties to be paid to me or my co-presenters.
I am interested in extending my session with an online learning component before and/or after the summit.

Statement of Intent

I agree to register for the conference by May 1, 2021 for at least the day of my/our presentation. I understand my conference fee is waived and I can attend as many sessions as I like at no cost to me.  I agree to cite all appropriate sources and get permission with regard to the materials used in my session(s).  Further,  I will be responsible for notifying my co-presenters regarding the date, and time of the presentation.

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The K12 Global Implementation Summit is an event you will not want to miss!

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